Viewing Collect (Incoming Payments)

You can view collects in your collection accounts on Tazapay's dashboard.

Accessing Transactions

  • Once logged in, click on theTransactions tab located on the left-hand side vertical navigation bar.
  • A listing screen will appear displaying the following columns:
    • Payment ID: A unique identifier for each collect, starts with col_
    • Status: The status of the collect - succeeded, failed or on_hold
    • Invoice Amt: The amount in the currency collected
    • Date: The timestamp at which the collect was created
    • Payment Method: Indicates whether the collect was made using Local bank Transfer or Wire Transfer
    • Settled Date: The date on which the collected funds were transferred to your registered bank account.

Searching for collection records

Use the search tab at the top-left corner of the screen to find a specific collect ID. You can perform a full search with the exact ID or a partial search with a part of the ID.

Viewing Collect Details

To view the expanded details for a collect, you can simply click on the Payment ID starting with col_ on the Transactions screen and it will redirect you to the collection summary screen. The screen will display the following information -

Your business details (Account Details):

Account IDUnique Tazapay Account ID for your registered business
Account EmailUser Email
Account CountryBusiness Registration Country
Business NameRegistered Name of your business

Collection Details

Collection AmountThe amount credited for the payment
FeesTazapay Fees for the payment
Payment MethodThe payment method
Receiving Account Number / IBANThe account number (or IBAN in case the currency is EUR) of the receiving account for the payment
StatusThe status of the collect - its usually succeeded. Rarely can be on_hold or failed

Sender Details

The availability of this information is subject to the sender entering this in their banking application used to transfer funds

NameName of the sender
BankThe details of the bank account this payment was made from
ReferenceAny reference number entered by the sender
Additional InformationAdditional information entered by the sender