Bank Account

Bank Account details for a user can be added by logging in to Tazapay Dashboard or passing the information using the Add Bank endpoint.

Tazapay can help disburse the funds directly to the seller’s preferred bank account (or initiate a refund to a buyer’s bank account). To do that, we would need to collect the user’s bank details.

We provide payouts in both local currency and USD. Check the currencies we carry in the Invoice Currency API or the interactive widget on the homepage.

Depending on the geography, we would need the following information:

  • Account ID of user UUID
  • Name on the Bank Account legal_name
  • Account Number account_number
  • Bank Codesbank_codes
  • Bank Name bank_name
  • Country code country_code
  • Contact number contact_number
  • Currency currency


Your legal business name should be same as the bank account name in order for us to release the money to your account.