Listing Payment Methods on your UI

Increase conversion and your top line

Using the checkout API, you can also list the available payment methods for a session on a screen hosted by you.

The customer selects the payment method from your screen first and are directly redirected to the page where an action is expected of them.


Suppose there are two payment methods available for a checkout session (Cards and Paynow QR). You can display the payment methods Card and Paynow QR for your customer to select. If the customer selects Paynow QR, you can create a checkout session with the field payment_methods containing the value paynow_sgd. The URL returned in the response body of the checkout API will display the QR code directly to the customer on redirection.

Sample Request Body:

	"invoice_currency": "SGD",
	"amount": 10000,
    "name":"Bob Vance",
    "email":"[email protected]",
  "transaction_description":"1 x Item",