Fee Amount is now visible in the response of GET /v1/checkout

The response body for GET /v1/checkout now contains these fields:

Selecting payment methods in addition to 'filtering out' payment methods

Tazapay now allows you to specify payment methods for a transaction in addition to filtering out payment methods. Previously, you could only filter out payment methods for a transaction using the 'filter' field in the /v1/checkout and /v1/session/payment endpoints.

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Basic Authentication & Idempotency

The latest sprint has the Tazapay team adding these 2 new features to make using our API product easier:

Welcome to the Newly Revamped Tazapay API Docs

As of August 2022, we've done major revamps to the API documentation site to bring you a brand new, intuitive, and interactive interface! With this move, we've managed to address a few issues along the way: