Managing Payment Methods

Choose which payment methods to be displayed to your customer

Tazapay supports a variety of payment methods for a particular combination of buyer-seller corridor, invoice currency and transaction amount. You can use an interactive widget on our homepage to simulate a trade and find out the available payment methods. Alternatively, you can also use the collect metadata endpoint.

The 'filter' field in the checkout session endpoint allows you to specify payment methods that you would want to filter out for a particular checkout session. If a payment method is added to the filter, it would not be surfaced as an option on the hosted payment page.

For example, if you do not want Wire Transfer and Local Bank Transfer as payment methods in the checkout session, make sure to pass the following field and parameter in the Checkout request body
"filter": ["Wire Transfer", "Local Bank Transfer"]


If the "filter" field has some random values; ex: ["abc", "xyz"], it will throw an error.

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