Payment Attempts

A payment attempt is an attempt by your customer to make a payment using a particular payment method. The payment attempt contains the customer specific information for a payment. For example, in case of a card payment, it is cardholder name, issuing bank, issuing country, etc.

Each checkout session can have multiple payment attempts. In case the previous payment attempt fails, the customer can go ahead using the same or a different payment method.

  "id": "pat_ahfafooi7ibakbfahoan",
  "object": "payment_attempt",
  "payin": "pay_bfiuafuiafianifnao",
  "created_at": "2023-08-31 16:58:59",
  "charge_currency": "INR",
  "amount": 123450,
  "payment_method_details": {
    "type": "card",
    "card": {
      "scheme": "visa",
      "checks": {
        "address_line1_check": "unavailable",
        "address_postal_code_check": "unavailable",
        "cvc_check": "pass"
      "issuing_country": "IN",
      "expiry": {
        "month": "05",
        "year": "2028"
      "funding": "credit",
      "last4": "3131",
      "first6": "459115",
      "issuer": "Axis Bank of India",
      "cardholder_name": "John Doe",
      "three_d_secure": {
        "authentication_flow": "challenge",
        "result": "authenticated",
        "result_reason": "successfully_authenticated",
        "version": "2.2.0"
  "refunded": false,
  "status": "succeeded",
  "status_description": null,
  "final_currency": "USD",
  "fx_transaction": {
    "initial": {
      "currency": "INR",
      "amount": 123450
    "final": {
      "currency": "USD",
      "amount": 148735
    "exchange_rate": 83
  "metadata": null