Address Validations

Ensure correct input from customers to increase conversion

It is mandatory to ensure the following validations for the billing address for customers in United States of America (US) and Canada (CA). This is applicable to:

  1. /v3/checkout
  2. /v3/escrow
  3. confirmCardPayment() function (part of JS SDK)


FieldValidationApplicable for countries
billing_details.address.countryISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code in uppercaseUS, CA
billing_details.address.line1Min 4 characters, Only alphanumeric characters allowedUS, CA
billing_details.address.cityOnly alphanumeric characters allowedUS, CA
billing_details.address.stateOnly alphanumeric characters allowedUS, CA
billing_details.address.state4-letter State code (ISO 3166-2), The state names and code can be accessed from this list for US and this list for CAUS, CA
billing_details.address.postal_codeFor US, valid length is 5 or 9 and the format is NNNNN
For CA, valid length is 6 and the format is ANA NAN (A-Alphabet, N- Number)
US, CA codes from this list US, CA numeric values allowed. Length allowed:
USA: 10
Canada: 10