Using Tazapay’s Javascript SDK, you can accept payments from across the world with a single secure, embeddable UI component. It is a secure component that lets you accept payments with cards and all the local payment methods in one integration.

For your global business, it is the simplest way to integrate and maintain your integration. The UI component automatically optimises for maximum checkout conversion. As soon as Tazapay adds new payment methods, those are immediately available on the UI component as well.

Tazapay's Javascript SDK:

  1. Automatically adjusts the input fields and currency based on the payment methods and the buyer’s country.
  2. Dynamically sorts payment methods based on the customer properties to increase conversion.
  3. Gives you access to new payment methods without any front-end code changes as soon as Tazapay has them.
  4. Allows you to customise colours, borders and fonts to match your style.