amountintegerAmount in invoice currency
customer_countrystringISO 3166 standard alpha-2 code. eg: SG, IN, US, etc.
invoice_currencystringInvoice currency (in uppercase, iso-4217 standard)
payment_methodsarray of jsonList of payment methods available for the country-currency combination
amountintegerAmount in charge currency
banksarray of stringBanks if any for the customer to select. This is specific to a payment method
currencystringCharge currency (the currency in which the customer is charged)
exchange_ratefloatExchange rate from invoice currency to charge currency
experience_typeenumnative, redirect_with_input, redirect
familyenumFamily in which the payment method is characterised (real_time_payment, card, payment_initiation_service, wallet, local_bank_transfer, wire_transfer, internet_banking, voucher)
groupenumcard, apm, lbt, wire
logo_urlarray of stringLogos for the payment method
typeenumPayment Method type. Unique identifier representing a payment method. This is the string that you can use to specify payment methods for a checkout / escrow session.
namestringCustomer display name for the payment method. Useful to call the payment method with this name on your checkout screen.
notification_typeenumWhether the payment is confirmed instantaneously with the customer in the payment flow. synchronous or asynchronous
transaction_feeintegerFees applicable for the payment method