The change event is triggered when the value of the embed changes. The payload of this event contains keys specific to the embed you are using

Method Parameters

  1. event - mandatory
    The name of the event, in this case change

  2. handler - mandatory
    handler(event) => void is a callback function that a merchant will provide that will be called when the event is fired. When called it will be passed an event object with the following properties:

    embedTypestringThe type of embed that emitted this event. In this case card
    emptybooleantrue if the embed is empty
    completebooleantrue if the embed is well-formed and potentially complete. That is the merchant can use this to enable their pay button
    errorjsonAny error that we surface to the customer while they are typing
    cardholder_namestringCardholder name entered by the customer on the embed
    schemeenumCard scheme - visa, mastercard, american_express

Handling a card embed change event

cardEmbed.on('change', function(event) {
  if (event.complete) {
    // enable payment button
  } else if (event.error) {
    // show validation to customer

Handler event object

  complete: false,
  brand: 'visa',
  embedType: 'card',
  empty: false,
  error: {
    cardNumber: "Enter the card number",
    expiry: "Enter valid expiry date",
    cvv: "",
    name: "",
  value: { cardholder_name: "" },