15501Please provide valid email address
15502Country is not valid. Must be alpha-2 country code, Example: IN, SG
15503The requested invoice currency is not supported in the customer/account country's corridor.
15504Field is required and value must be greater than 0
15505A required field is missing, check our API body parameters for required fields
15507Fee percentage should be a valid value - between 0 and 100
15508Invalid URL format. Please make sure to provide a valid URL
15509Transaction Description is missing. Please provide a brief description for the transaction
15510Either customer details or customer id is mandatory
15511Payment link expiry can not be less than current time
15515Request object passed for this API request is failing. Please provide valid metadata
15516Escrow ID field is required and must be a valid ID, Example: esc_id
15519Please provide valid line 1 with out Special characters
15520Please provide valid city with out Special characters
15521Please provide valid state
15522Please provide valid postal code for a given country