Welcome to the Newly Revamped Tazapay API Docs

As of August 2022, we've done major revamps to the API documentation site to bring you a brand new, intuitive, and interactive interface! With this move, we've managed to address a few issues along the way:

Documentation Fixes

  • Mobile Friendliness: Our previous website had issues with mobile friendliness as it wasn't responsive to different window sizes. With this revamp, devs using their mobile phone to refer to the documentation while working on desktop can now get easier access to the information they need.
  • Content Organisation: The new API docs are structured better in order to serve the different stages of integration you may have as our brand new client. The Guide section helps to give an overview of our API product, while the Reference section will give deep dives onto each of the API calls
  • OpenAPI Interactivity: Using your API keys and Secret keys for basic authentication, you can test our API calls easily on the Reference section. For more info on using basic auth on our docs, read here: Using Basic Auth on API Docs

Known Issues in Documentation

  • URL Encoding in OpenAPI: This specifically affects Get User By Email so all test calls on the API docs will return a 400 Error for now. The Tazapay team is currently working to find a fix. Meanwhile, why not test this on Postman?
  • Outdated In-Depth Guides: With our shift to the single Checkout API product, our older product guides are outdated due to using legacy terminology which may be confusing for new users. We'll be working to update these as we go along.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the API docs, there's always the Suggested Edits tab where we can keep your feedback in mind.