Basic Authentication & Idempotency

The latest sprint has the Tazapay team adding these 2 new features to make using our API product easier:

Authentication Goes Back to Basics

Tazapay's API now uses Basic Access Authentication or BASIC AUTH to authenticate your requests. Say goodbye to the hassle of signature generation.

We will be supporting signature generation for a few more weeks. However, if you are currently using signature generation, we strongly recommend modifying your code to use BASIC AUTH for Authentication.

Not sure how this works in our documentation? Read our guide on how to use your API & secret keys here: Using Basic Auth on API Docs

Safely Retry POST Functions with Idempotency

Our API now supports idempotency for safely retrying POST requests, ensuring that you do not perform the same operation twice. This is useful when an API call is in transit and you do not receive a response.

For instance, if the request to create a transaction does not give a response, the same request can be successfully retried by using the same idempotency key in the header of the request. This is to ensure that a transaction is not accidentally repeated twice if you're unsure if a 2xx response went through.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the product and/or API, you may contact us on our website's form or reach out to [email protected]