Release API is a call made to inform Tazapay so that we can initiate the release of funds from Tazapay balance directly to the user's bank account. For Tazapay to release the payment, a seller's KYB should have been completed and the seller's bank account details should have been provided to Tazapay.

Tazapay will release the payment to the seller's bank account within 48 business hours of the API call, provided prerequisites are met.

If required, the API will support the upload of all documents required for the release of payment, such as:

  • Proof of service rendered
  • Proof of shipment (such as Bill of Lading, Airway Bill etc)


Uploading Documents

Depending on your use case, an upload of the release document may not be required.

    "txn_no": "2021-59991",
    "release_docs": [
            "type": "Others",
            "name": "sampletest",  // required if type = Others
            "url": "https://tazapay-temp-doc-sandbox.s3.ap-southeast/",
            "file_name": "test_1634014597228917008_Screenshot_2021-10-11_at_3.01.32_PM.png"

Object Body Parameters

String Escrow transcation number received from create_escrow API response
[] release_docs The list of documents to be provided as completion proof for the verification.
Please check release_docs


typestring One of the documents

If txn_type = goods
1. Bill of Lading/ Airway Bill
2. Commercial Invoice

If txn_type = service
1. Invoice
2. Proof of Service Delivery

For both txn_type
1. Others
namestring Name of the doc if user has selected type as others
urlstring Direct download link
filenamestring Name of the file which being uploaded in the above public link