1500The specified txn_no could not be found
1501Unable to save the payment session in the database
1502A required field is missing in the parameters, check our payment API body parameters for required fields
1503Percentage value should be between 0 and 100
1516Your account is not associated with this transaction/escrow
1805Error updating requested currency
1806Invalid escrow state to initiate payment
1807Payment provider not supported at the moment
1808Error fetching the seller wallet details for payouts
1809Error creating seller wallet. Please try again, or try a different payment method. eg: If user selected any Rapyd payment options like Paynow QR, Bank Transfer, Prompay, Bank Direct, we used to create a wallet for seller. If that fails, throw this error code
1810Error adding wallets to the payment. Please try again, or try a different payment method.
1811Error saving transaction logs
1812Payment failed. Please try again later.
1813Error fetching collection method
1814Error saving payment
1815Failed to update payment state
1816Error while fetching wallex payment methods
1818Currency not supported. The requested invoice currency is not supported in the buyer country/seller country's corridor. E.g., INR is not supported in the IN-US corridor
1819Payment method not supported. Check for our payment methods in GET collection or GET disburse
1820Error getting seller trusted flag. Please use a different payment method from cards in the meantime.
1821Error setting user login credentials