Escrow States

Escrow States

The following flowchart details the possible states & substates for escrow transactions


For payment states, we'll pass on payment failed, received, and 'reported' (i.e., user completes an offline transfers and confirms payment is made) as sub-states under Awaiting Payment.

For release, we'll pass on Release Authorized once we get confirmation for release of escrow, and payout completed once the amount is settled to the seller (failed if there was a failure in doing transfer).

All Possible Escrow States

Awaiting_PaymentstateAwaiting Payment from Buyer
Payment_ReceivedstateReceived Payment from Buyer
Payment_NoResponsestateNot received Payment from Buyer before due date
Release_AuthorizedstateBuyer or Marketplace requested to release the payment to seller
Payout_CompletedstateSeller received the payment (final stage)

All Possible Escrow Sub States

GenericsubStateGenericA generic state when the transaction is created
Payment_FailedsubStateAwaiting_PaymentPayment failed
Payment_ReportedsubStateAwaiting_Paymentuser completes an offline transfer and confirms payment is made
Payment_ShortfallsubStateAwaiting_PaymentTotal payment is not done. Full amount is not received.
under_reviewsubStateAwaiting_PaymentPayment under review. Will be resolved within 1 business day.
Doc_Verification_FailedsubStateRelease_AuthorizedThe KYB document verification has failed. Drop an email to [email protected] to find out more information
Requested_Additional_DocsubStateRelease_AuthorizedAdditional documents are required to complete the KYB